The Devil is in the Details

I seem to be hitting a small production snag. I am planning to have the next three garter designs ready by the first week of June. They will be sold as a boxed set with matching bobby pins. The reasons for this is that 1. bobby pins were invented in the 1920’s for the new bobbed hairstyle, and 2. I’ve seen examples of garter sets sold in boxes with additional matching items, which I really like. Yes, I know that embellished bobby pins are not period appropriate, but it seemed like a good way to carry the theme of ribbon work. And I don’t think anyone really wants a matching set of shoe stretchers or a powder puff.

1920's garter set from Passementterie

The issue I’m facing now is attaching the ribbon flowers to the bobby pins in a way that isn’t too contemporary. Just for the record, I would never hot glue them or any of my other products. I am a member of the sisterhood of Doing Things the Right Way, after all.  I would much rather use an old millinery technique, but I’ve also had trouble finding a comparable item in what I’ve read so far. In case anyone else is looking for similar information, a good online resource is here, the University of  Wisconsin Digital Collection.

Wiring everything to the bobby pin seemed like the way to go and initially. I planned to wire crinoline (stiffened cotton mesh) to the bobby pin and stitch the ribbon work to the crinoline. Except I don’t like how visible all the stitching is on the underside. So I guess my options are to cover the underside with another layer of fabric (fusible interfacing maybe?) that is glued with fabric glue? Stitched with the edges treated? So much work for such a small item!