Italian Peach Cookies

On Sunday I made peach cookies for brunch with my friends who, like me, enjoy making complicated things. I’ve been wanting to attempt this dessert for a few months now and they turned out well. Although there are several recipes out there, I used this one.

The ingredients for the cookies are pretty simple, although I found the dough to be a little sticky and difficult to work with. Next time I’ll reduce some of the liquid by about 1/4 cup.

We used a few different fillings: jam, nutella and pastry cream. While researching the recipe, I found many people had problems with the pastry cream turning the cookie soggy. To fix this, I lined each hollow with melted chocolate before adding the pastry cream. It worked like a charm.

Our assembly line consisted of amaretto dyed red and yellow, super fine sugar and mint leaves. The choice of liquor is up to you, I happened to have amaretto on hand although in the end I couldn’t really taste it.


New Photos!

I’m very excited to finally show some of the boudoir photographs Julia Franzosa did at Mignonette in February. They turned out so dreamy and lovely!

The amazing vintage inspired lingerie on the models is from fellow Chicagoan Dottie’s Delights, whom I have long admired.




 The black fascinator by Violet Bells and my pink collar can both be found at Mignonette.

More photos on Glamour and Grace wedding blog.

Victorian Mitts

In January I spent the winter doldrums prototyping some new things for Previously. They are fingerless gloves, based on Victorian examples from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I love the above example, from the late 19th century.



 I’m using a soft nylon netting for the main portion even though I’m usually all for natural materials. I think durability is key here, plus I haven’t found an affordable silk tulle. All the lace is antique from my hoard collection.  Although not in my shop at the moment, they can be found at Mignonette.

Next week I will be dying lace to make them in black!


Collar Inspiration


via Flickr

It’s been all about neckwear this past week at Previously HQ. First, I received a package in the mail from Christine at Flapper Girl.

I’ve had my eye on her Lady Ties, so we did a trade. They are so beautifully made, I almost didn’t want to take them out of the packaging! And she included some extra goodies for me, because she rocks.

Currently, I’m getting ready for the DIY  Trunkshow, and this means making more collars. I made the silk chiffon ruffled collars last holiday season and they are sold out. Even though I wasn’t planning on making more, I just really love them and I’m changing the design little. I found some 1.5″ taffeta ribbon that I’m going to use to make a tie closure instead of  a button. I’m also thinking I might have black satin bias tape enclosing the hem, rather than doing a rolled hem.


I’m planning to have two other collar styles this year, but I’m still deciding what to make. I’ve been looking at images of some really amazing antique and vintage ones:


 (Above images from the Metropolitan Museum’s Costume Collection)

 1930s collar from Poppy’s Vintage, still available here!

I like them all but I need be realistic about how much I can get done in time for the show. Sigh. Off to make prototypes and patterns now.