About Previously

Previously is about the researching, the reading, the head scratching, the uncovering, the asking, the looking, the calling around, the comparing, the seeking, the dusty fingers, the re-doing, the measuring, the cutting, the xacto blade injury, the traveling, the choosing, the walking, the gathering, the unsewing, the risking, the wondering, the cutting open, the undoing, the pondering, the scrutinizing, the twelve hour work days, the deciding, the examining, the believing, the finding, the taking apart, the searching, the reproducing, the figuring out, the watching, the sketching, the asking again, the story telling, the discovering, the driving, the listening, the ordering, the bidding, the re-working, the boot strapping, the packing, the writing, the strategizing, the note taking, the brainstorming, the emailing, the planning, the adding and subtracting, the book marking, the admiring, the right thing, the anticipating, the nit-picking and the presenting.

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