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I’m Elide. I’m an artist living in Chicago. I started Previously as a way to channel my curiosity in the way things used to be made and my need to make fussy, detailed objects into a business. I am presently making vintage reproduction garters that are inspired by the illustrations of George Barbier and 1920’s ribbon work.

A few years ago I acquired a pair of vintage garters. I loved their simplicity and sophistication. They didn’t feel overdone or bulky and I marveled at their construction. I wondered why garters weren’t made like this anymore. As with many things that I find that are no longer made, they seemed to be ¬†constructed with thought and intention, from a time when things were less disposable. However, most vintage garters have lost all their stretch over time, making them unwearable. So, last August I went to see a man about a sewing machine.

Currently I love urban living, walking to the store, the work of Ben Katchor, Frankfurt kitchens, graveyard iconography, exact change and overlooked, hidden corners. I believe in public libraries, making something from nothing and that baking late at night can save your soul.

I¬† live with my husband (also my photographer) and the world’s fastest cat in our apartment, built around 1927. The five year long kitchen renovation is finally done. Ira Glass talks smack about my neighborhood here.

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