Italian Peach Cookies

On Sunday I made peach cookies for brunch with my friends who, like me, enjoy making complicated things. I’ve been wanting to attempt this dessert for a few months now and they turned out well. Although there are several recipes out there, I used this one.

The ingredients for the cookies are pretty simple, although I found the dough to be a little sticky and difficult to work with. Next time I’ll reduce some of the liquid by about 1/4 cup.

We used a few different fillings: jam, nutella and pastry cream. While researching the recipe, I found many people had problems with the pastry cream turning the cookie soggy. To fix this, I lined each hollow with melted chocolate before adding the pastry cream. It worked like a charm.

Our assembly line consisted of amaretto dyed red and yellow, super fine sugar and mint leaves. The choice of liquor is up to you, I happened to have amaretto on hand although in the end I couldn’t really taste it.


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