New Garters for Indie Wed

I spent several weeks before Indie Wed on some new garter designs that I’m thrilled with. I was really itching to work on something more complex than previous designs I’ve done as well as some challenging new techniques. I’ve also had a bunch of ideas drawn out in my notebook and Indie Wed was the perfect opportunity to complete them. There were some ideas that did not make the final cut however. While prototyping, I have a list of requirements that all garters need to meet:

1. Does it have aesthetic balance?  Are there too many things going on? Too many colors or different materials? I usualy go with my gut on this, not sure if I can articulate it. When something just isn’t right, I know it when I see it and make adjustments.

2. Does it look like Previously? Sometimes a design will look great, but it doesn’t look like it came from me. It doesn’t share a certain quality that all the other garters have. This can happen sometimes when I’m using a new material.

3. Does it look right on a leg? This is very important to me. How many of you have bought an accessory you loved in the shop only to find that actually wearing it is near impossible? I have a pair of knit sleeves with black silk tulle peeking out at the cuff. They are wonderfully Victorian. But they don’t look right on me. Their bulk isn’t flattering and they’re too long. An accessory can look good in theory, but if it doesn’t work on the body, it isn’t successful. It needs to hang right to be flattering.

4. Do I love it? I always need to feel a certain tug of wanting something I just made. It can be for a custom order or not, but if I wouldn’t buy it, I won’t sell it.

2 thoughts on “New Garters for Indie Wed

  1. It doesn’t surprise me that you have these standards—it totally shows in your work, and makes what you create stand out and shine :)

    Sometimes it can be frustrating when something *almost* fits into one of the categories, but not quite. Sometimes I have to set aside a project for a long time until the right idea or elements come along that will give it that special something that ties it all together, and when that finally happens, boy is it worth it! I’m like you—I can’t sell anything unless I’m 100% in love with it and feel that it’s perfect in my gut.

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