The Kitchen Project Part II

When I told him we were buying an apartment, the first thing my dad said was, “Don’t start tearing stuff out”. He though we should live in the place for a little while and get a feel for how we wanted the kitchen set up. So what did we then go and do? Tear stuff out.¬†As soon as we signed the mortgage papers.

Note the '70s shutters on the pass through.

I am going to limit these post to the work that we did in the kitchen and save the horror stories of the other rooms for another time. But I think it’s safe to say that there is something really cathartic about being able to tear down your own walls after years of being a renter. Here are more before pictures:

brick chimney for the old incinerator and heater.

This was above the pass through on the kitchen side. Did anyone actually put wine glasses there?

One of the first things to go was the faux wainscot paneling on the walls and ceiling. It had been installed to cover up the bad shape the original plaster was in.  Without the paneling to hold it up, the crumbling plaster ceiling fell to the floor while we slept one night.

While demolishing the kitchen we also discovered live cloth covered wires in the wall, mouse droppings and a dead bird in the vent for the stove. When everything was cleared away, we realized just how much space we had.

It was completely intimidating.

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