New Garter Pictures!

The other day D and I did more lifestyle pictures of the garters and I’m pleased with how they turned out.

1920s flapper garters garter sets retro art deco

test caption

I think this picture turned out well considering I really didn’t have anything in my closet that I thought worked with the green and pink garters. This was the last picture we did and were trying to figure out other ways to show garters on a leg without it getting too…weird. Or creepy. Overall I think it’s more cutesy than I would have wanted to go, but I guess it can’t always be my aesthetic.

Black silk retro garters with red ribbon flowers and love knots.

This is the picture I’m thrilled with. Again, I couldn’t find any stockings or knee socks to match the dress and garters so I went without. I had some misgivings about photographing the garters on a bare leg, but I think it works here. I think it’s much more summery than the other pictures. In case anyone is wondering, that’s our bookcase I’m sitting on.

The other reason I love that picture, is that is looks like this movie poster for Rolled Stockings.

Lost film Rolled Stockings starring Louise Brooks.

Sadly, the original version of the film was destroyed/ lost and there are no copies.

For the peach garters I wanted an image that was a little more dressy than the others. I think the silver bead makes them feel more formal somehow. I’ve also noticed in these pictures that symmetry works well for displaying the garters.

1920s retro garters, peach with pink lining and black silk ribbonwork.

1920s vintage reproduction peach garters with hand pleated black embellishment and silver bead.

I liked this detail shot of the black ribbonwork so much more than the studio shot, that I replaced it on etsy. I didn’t do any shots of the bobby pins, that will have to wait until I can coerce a friend or hire a model.

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